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About Us Zhongtian company is located in economic development zone of Weishan county with convenient transportation access.

Hot Products

    • Green Rotomolding Storage Incubator

      Green Rotomolding Storage Incubator

      The green rotomolding storage incubator can resist wind and sand, severe heat, severe cold, heavy rain, bumps on the road, and falling from high altitude; it has strong impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance, cushioning and shock absorption, waterproof and moisture-proof,...

    • Incubator With Wheels

      Incubator With Wheels

      Features of Wheeled Incubator: 1. Heat and cold resistance: small incubators have higher requirements for heat resistance and cold resistance, and will not deform in high temperature water, and can even be disinfected with boiling water. 2. Durable: It has good impact resistance, is not easy to...

    • Rotomolding Fishing Boat

      Rotomolding Fishing Boat

      Rotomolding fishing boat adopts polyethylene plastic materials imported from South Korea and advanced foreign (ROTATION) rotomolding technology, one-time molding, with strong impact resistance and stability. The density of the rotomolding fishing boat is lower than that of glass steel and iron...