Floating ball for Natural Reserves

Floating ball for Natural Reserves

Boundary Post of Natural Reserve Used for maritime demarcation Used for Aquaculture Rotary moulding process Safety and pollution-free Green environmental protection Strong resistance and durability
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Floating balls for Natural Reserve

The floating balls are made of recyclable PE through rotational molding technology.  It is designed as a single piece. The floating balls are always used as marks of special area of rivers, such as natrual reserve, swimming, aquaculture. 

The Balls can be printed customized letters and numbers.  

Features and Advantages:

1. Rotational molded from recyclable PE

2. Even thickness for strength

3. Filled with closed-cell PU foam which prevent water absoption if damage occurs

4. Orange, yellow color provide high visibility. 

5. Widely used in aquacultur, natural reserve, swimming ares, ,etc.

6. Customized size, color, shape available. 

This floating ball is designed as two halves, you can put monitors inside for studying water quality. 

Please tell us what you want in a floating ball, then we can design according to your requirements and make your ideas into production. 

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