New Type PE Floats For Fishing Cage

New Type PE Floats For Fishing Cage

PE floats for fishing cage, also a floating support of all kinds of water platforms.
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There are two traditional fishing cage in China: one is special cage for fishing only which are mainly made of fiber glass or PU/EPS foam.  This cage had a 5% market; the other one is 200L tin oil drum which is easily rust-eaten in two years, this one had a 95% market.

The two traditional kinds of fishing cage are widely condemned for short-life and water-pollution.


In this context, Zhongtian company research and develop the new type float for fishing cage.  The floats are made of high resistant PE , and shaped through rotational molding technology.  Demand of this fishing cage is bigger and bigger for its high-resistance, water-proof, enviromental-friendly and easy installation. And most importantly, it has a 10-year servicing life.


Material:Food grade LLDPE shell, closed-cell PU foam inside.

Sizes:φ600x900mm ,  φ650x900mm , Customized size available.

Color:Orange, blue, white, black, customized colors available.

Buoyance:200Kgs forφ600x900mm , and 210kgs for φ650x900mm 

Design Key Points:  With the traditional design of main part, we add tying grooves for easy installation.

Technology: Rotational molding technology  


1、 Impact-resistant

2、 No maintenance fee

3、 Recyclable Material

4、 10year up servicing life 

Application:It can be used as a floating support of kinds of platforms such as floating dock, landing platform of boats, fishing dock, water passageway, base of water house, judge’s stand of water sports, stage of water show, water rescue plateform, etc. 


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