Conveying Mud Mortar Pipeline

Conveying Mud Mortar Pipeline

The pipeline for conveying mud and slurries has corrosion resistance, super wear resistance, weather resistance, long life, no scaling, impact resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance, light weight in meters, no pollution, and easy installation.
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   The pipeline for conveying mud and slurries will be more than ten or even tens of kilometers long. Under the action of the conveying pressure, the mud and slurries will be sprayed from the mouth of the pipeline, scattered around the target area and then deposited. Sediment accumulates and gradually emerges from the water to form a land area, and a "new territory" is formed.

  The wear-resistant pipe produced by Xincheng Pipe Industry-UHMWPE pipe. The company focuses on the development and production of UHMWPE pipes. Has 26 UHMWPE pipeline production lines. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) is called plastic. The pipes produced with it as raw material have high wear resistance. It is widely used in the transportation of fly ash in power plants, the transportation of mine tailings and ore powder, and the sea Sediment transportation in farming, grain transportation in grain depots, etc.

    In addition to strong abrasion resistance, the new pipeline for conveying mud and slurry also has the following characteristics:  

High impact resistance: Its elongation at break is 400%, and it has strong impact resistance. In layman's terms, it is minus 40 degrees and will not break with a sledgehammer.  

Self-lubricating: Since this product contains waxy substances, it has good self-lubrication. Therefore, the flow resistance is very small, and the flow rate and flow can be maintained for a long time. Its inner diameter design can be reduced by 15% compared with steel pipe; it is not easy to scale

Unique low temperature resistance Can work at temperatures from -260°C to 80°C for a long time. To

Surface non-adhesion

Aging resistance: It has lighter UV resistance. Experimental data shows that it will not age after 30 years of UV exposure.

 Lightweight, convenient and low cost: the specific gravity is lighter than polyethylene, the construction is convenient, the overall cost is low, and the service life is long.

The ultra-high molecular weight composite pipe produced by our company, the pipeline for conveying mud and slurry. We will provide you with quality products and services!

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