Application range of rotomolding products

- Mar 30, 2021-

Rotomolding, also known as rotational molding, rotational molding, and rotational molding, is a hollow molding method for thermoplastics. The method is to first add plastic raw materials into the mold, and then the mold is continuously rotated along two vertical axes and heated. Under the action of gravity and thermal energy, the plastic raw materials in the mold are gradually uniformly coated and melted and adhered to the mold cavity. On the whole surface, it is formed into the required shape, and then it is cooled. But it is shaped into a product, but what is the application range of rotomolding products? Then let's give you a specific explanation.

  1, container rotomolding products

Widely used in water storage tanks, storage tanks for various liquid chemicals (such as acids, alkalis, salts, chemical fertilizers, agricultural drugs, etc.), gasoline containers (gasoline storage tanks and fuel tanks for automobiles and airplanes), and battery shells Wait.

  2. Rotomolding parts for automobiles

   mainly uses polyethylene and polyethylene paste resin, rotomolded into various pipe fittings, such as air conditioning elbows, backrests, armrests, etc.

  3, sports equipment and various substitutes

  There are mainly various products made of polyethylene paste rotomolding, such as water polo balls, float balls, bicycle seat cushions, boats, and shock absorbers between ships and docks.

  4, toys, models, crafts, etc.

Rotomolding molds can be manufactured by precision, dense pouring, electroforming, and other processes; the surface of rotomolded parts has a good effect on the fine structure of the mold cavity surface, so the rotomolding method can make the products quite exquisite. Beautiful, so it is often used to make products with greater ornamental value, especially toys, models, handicrafts, etc.

  5, various boxes, shells, large pipes and other products

  Such as turnover boxes, trash cans, machine casings, protective covers, lampshades, bathrooms, toilets, telephone rooms, yachts, etc. Rotomolding products have been widely used in the storage and transportation of liquid chemicals, chemical companies, industrial coatings, washing tanks and reaction tanks in the extraction of rare earth, and in river and sea buoys, domestic water tanks and other fields.