Construction Technology of HDPE pipe

- Jan 02, 2018-

Construction technology: Measurement → lofting → trench excavation → foundation treatment → connection, down tube, school tube → pipe Groove backfill → check well masonry, back to clay → acceptance. HDPE Pipe Construction In addition to the implementation of the construction code, the characteristics of HDPE tube, should pay attention to the following points:

(1) HDPE tube Thermal expansion and contraction is serious, so HDPE Tangyi in the environment with little variation in temperature difference construction and use.

(2) When the HDPE pipe is buried deep below the base surface of the construction material, the pipe shall not be subjected to the pressure of the ground diffusion angle under the structure under construction.

(3) The ground water level is higher than excavation trench bottom elevation area, the groundwater level drops to the trough bottom 0.3 m~0.5m below the nearest point.

(4) When the pipe Groove excavation, strict control digging deep, do not disturb the basement bottom undisturbed soil, such as the occurrence of super digging and disturbance, fill the size of the 0.1 m~0.5 m natural gradation sand stone, and leveling tamping.

(5) The HDPE pipe base is based on gravel rather than concrete, the thickness is 0.05 m~20 m, depending on geological conditions.

(6) Pipeline laying process, under the operation of artificial or crane, crane under the pipe, with non-metallic rope buckle to the pipe at both ends of the tube mouth 1/4, strictly prohibited to wear heart lifting.