Key Points in Designing Rotomolding Mold

- Mar 12, 2019-

Rotomolding can produce many different types of hollow plastic products. How to make the products more suitable for rotomolding , the products has to be desingned to meet the requirements of the rotomolding technology. So that products can exert its best effect in use.

1.       How many parts does the mold have? Ususally a mold has two parts. But more parts may be required if design is too complicate.

2.       What kind of surface treatment is required for the product. The surface treatment plays an important role in mold cost.

3.       Whether the rounded corners in the design are large enough to allow the resin to flow freely to every part of the mold. 6. Whether to use inserts to attach other parts to plastic products. The position of the inserts, whether they can maintain their state during the forming operation.

4.       Is there any insert to attach to attach other parts to plastic products.

5.       Strengthening ribs will be must for big area.

6.       Shrinkage should be considered When designing the size of the rotomolding mold.