Polyethylene for Dredging Applications

- Dec 08, 2020-

Xincheng provides flexible solutions in Polyethylene (PE) for bringing the slurry from the dredger to the shore. A range of sizes is available between 32mm to 1000mm Outer Diameter –pressure ratings 0.4 to 1.6 MPa.


Polyethylene as a material of choice:

Polyethylene is the best known volume plastic a relatively high molecular form. The polyethylene we manufacture has been effectively stabilized with carbon against UV radiation effects.The stabilization also serves to counteract heat fatigue, thus increasing life.


Advantages of PE pipes & fittings:

• Low weight

• Outstanding flexibility

• Low pipe friction losses

• Quick Installation

• Resistant to low temp.

• Good Weldability

• Good chemical resistance

• Smooth surface

• Smooth surface  

• Low electrical conductivity

• Resistance to aggressive media