Technical advantage of rotomolding mold

- Jan 02, 2018-

Rotational molding, also known as Rotary forming, rotary casting molding, is a thermoplastic molding method, roll molding process also includes a series of inherent design thinking mode, such as how to reconcile the thickness of the wall, how to strengthen the external settings, in the use of technology has a clear advantage.

Rotational molding process in the production process to choose the best production materials, including the general administration of food and drug approval of a variety of materials, the production process of additives can effectively resist the invasion of the climate, electrostatic interference and other external objective factors, if you need to add some ancillary design, Then we can add the reinforcing rib line to the design.

In the design process, the insertion port, the thread, the handle, the inverted trap device, the perfect surface design is one of the highlights. Designers can also design a multiple-wall mold, its internal can be hollow, but also can be filled with foam, roll molding and other mold technology, rolling process for us to provide more space for design.