The advantages of rotomolding machine

- Jan 02, 2018-

The machine has more selectivity and adaptability, roll molding can produce all closed products, can also be formed large, super large plastic hollow products, product once formed, no internal stress, not easy to deformation, no seams, rolling products edge strength, you can achieve the edge of the product thickness of more than 5 mm, to completely solve the thin edge of the hollow products of the problem Without adjusting the mould, the wall thickness of the rolled products can be adjusted freely.

The shape of the rolling molding machine can be very complex, and the wall thickness can exceed 5 mm, the product strength is high.

Rolling machine suitable for many varieties, small quantities of plastic products production, very easy to transform the color of products, in the rolling molding process, there is no runner, gate and other waste, the production process of almost no recycled material, the thickness of the product is even more uniform, it can give full play to the efficiency of the material, so the process for material utilization is very high, conducive to saving raw materials.