The working principle of the plastic rolling machine

- Jan 02, 2018-

The working principle of the rolling machine is to use the thermal physical properties of the plastic, the material from the hopper into the barrel, the material is heated by the heating coil outside, so that the material melting, in the barrel equipped with external power motor driven rotating screw.

The material is transported and compacted along the screw groove under the action of the screw, materials in the external heating and screw shear in the dual role of the gradual plasticizing, melting and homogenization, when the screw rotation, the material in the spiral groove friction and shear force, the material has been melted into the head of the screw.

Screw in the reaction of the material back, so that the head of the screw to form storage space, completion of the plasticizing process, then, the screw in the injection cylinder piston thrust, with high speed, high pressure, the storage room of the molten material through the nozzle injection into the mold cavity, the cavity in the molten material through the pressure, cooling, curing stereotypes.