How To Choose A Rotomolding Machine

- Mar 30, 2021-

Rotomolding machine is a kind of plastic molding machine, plastic molding equipment using the principle of rotomolding. So how should the rotomolding machine choose the model? Let's get to know it with the rotational molding machine manufacturer.

   Rotomolding machine type:

  1. According to the heating method, it is divided into gas direct fire heating, hot box heating (electricity, oil, gas, coal heating), infrared heating, heating medium heating, etc.;

  2. According to the type of rotation, it is divided into swing type and dual-axis rotation type;

  3. According to the movement mode of the arm, it is divided into fixed arm, pendulum type, shuttle type and turret type;

  4. According to the number of arms, it is divided into single arm, two arms, three arms, four arms, etc.;

   5. According to the heat box, it is divided into a dynamic heat box and a fixed heat box.

   Rotomolding box manufacturers commonly used and common rotomolding machine models are:

  1, single-arm direct fire heating swing type;

  2, single-arm hot box heating swing type;

  3, single-arm hot box heating dual-axis rotary type (moving hot box and fixed hot box);

  4, two-arm hot box heating dual-axis rotary type (two types of parallel movement and vertical movement) (moving heat box and fixed heat box);

  5, 3 or 4 arm hot box heating automatically. By arm turret type (moving hot box and fixed hot box);

   6, 3-arm or 4-arm hot box heating is non-self-heating. By the arm turret type (moving hot box and fixed hot box).

   Rotomolding machine selection:

  Describe the common indicators of rotomolding machine: type + number of arms + large turning diameter (or turning diameter) allowed by the mold + thermal energy method, etc.

  1. Determine the size and type of equipment rotation diameter according to the size, type and output of the planned product.

  2. Determine the type of equipment, heating method, and degree of automation according to the expected investment.