Matters Needing Attention In The Application Of HDPE Water Supply Pipeline

- Jan 02, 2018-

1. Outdoor open-air laying, where there is sunshine, it is recommended to do shielding measures.

2. The buried HDPE water supply pipeline, the DN≤110 pipeline can be installed slightly in the summer, dn≥110 pipeline has enough soil resistance, can resist thermal stress, no need to reserve the length of the tube, winter, no need to reserve the length of the tube.

3.HDPE pipe installation, if the operating space is too small (such as: pipe wells, ceiling construction, etc.), should use the electric-melt connection mode.

4. Hot-melt socket connection, heating temperature can not be too high, too long, the best temperature control in the 210±10℃, otherwise it will cause the extrusion of the melt slurry too much, reduce the diameter of the tong water, pipe fittings or pipe interface should be clean, or it will cause socket off leakage; At the same time, should pay attention to control the angle and direction of pipe fittings, Avoid causing rework.

5. Hot Melt butt connection, require voltage between 200~220v, if the voltage is too high, will cause heating plate temperature is too high, the voltage is too low, then the docking machine can not work properly, docking should be maintained on the interface alignment, otherwise it will cause the butt area is not enough, welding strength, and the wrong side When heating plate is heated, the pipe interface is not treated clean, or the heating board has oil, sediment and other impurities, will cause the interface off the water leakage, heating time to control good, heating time is short, the tube heat absorbing time is not enough, will cause the weld coil edge too small, heating time is too long, will cause the weld seam is too large, it is possible to form virtual welding.