Specification And Connection Mode Of HDPE Pipe

- Jan 02, 2018-

The diameter of HDPE pipe from DN32 to DN1000 is divided into 26 levels. Pressure level between 0.6Mpa ~1.6mpa, a total of 5 grades.

HDPE pipe will be melted between temperature 190℃n240℃, using this characteristic, the pipe (or pipe) melted part of the full contact, and maintain the appropriate pressure, cooling the two can be firmly integrated into one. Therefore, the PE pipe connection and PVC tube, usually using electrothermal fusion and hot melt butt two ways, in accordance with the size of the diameter of the pipe can be divided into: dn≤63, the use of injection molding hot melt socket connection; dn≥75, hot-melt butt connection or fused socket connection When connected with different material, use flange or wire buckle connection.

In the pipeline repair method, has the expansion tube construction method and the lining HDPE method.