The Advantages And Application Scope Of Rotomolding Products

- Mar 13, 2021-

Advantages of rotomolding products:

1. The cost of rotomolding mold is low-for products of the same size and size, the cost of rotomolding mold is about 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost of blow molding and injection molds, which is suitable for large plastic products;

2. The edge strength of rotomolding products is good-rotomolding can realize the thickness of the product edge exceeds 5mm, which completely solves the problem of thinner edges of hollow products;

3. Rotomolding can place various inserts;

4. The shape of rotomolding products can be very complicated, and the thickness can exceed 5mm;

5. Rotomolding can produce fully enclosed products;

6. Rotomolding products can be filled with foam materials to achieve heat preservation;

7. There is no need to adjust the mold, and the wall thickness of rotomolding products can be adjusted freely (above 2mm);

8. Suitable for molding large and super large parts;

9. Rotational molding is very easy to change the color of the product-rotomolding directly adds materials to the mold each time, so that all the materials enter, and the product is removed from the mold before adding the materials needed for the next molding. When we are using multiple molds to rotomold the same plastic product, we can also add materials of different colors to different molds, and rotomold plastic products of different colors at the same time;

10. Saving raw materials-the wall thickness of rotomolding products is relatively uniform and the chamfers are slightly thicker, so it can give full play to the effectiveness of the materials, which is conducive to saving raw materials; in addition, in the rotomolding process, there are no runners, gates, etc. Once the waste is debugged, there is almost no charge back in the production process, so the process has a very high utilization rate of materials.

Application range of rotomolding products:

1. Sports equipment and various substitutes

There are mainly various products made of polyvinyl chloride paste rotomolding, such as water polo balls, float balls, bicycle seat cushions, boats, and shock absorbers between boats and docks.

2. Rotomolding parts for automobiles

It mainly uses polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride paste resin, rotomolded into various pipe fittings, such as air conditioning elbows, backrests, armrests, etc.

3. Container Rotomolding Parts

It is widely used in water storage tanks, storage tanks for various liquid chemicals (such as acids, alkalis, salts, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc.), gasoline containers (gasoline storage tanks and fuel tanks for automobiles and airplanes), and battery shells.

4. Various boxes, shells, large pipes and other parts

Such as turnover boxes, trash cans, machine shells, protective covers, lampshades, bathrooms, toilets, telephone rooms, yachts, etc. Rotomolding products have been widely used in liquid chemical storage and transportation, chemical companies, industrial coatings, washing tanks and reaction tanks in the production of rare earths, as well as in river and sea buoys, domestic water tanks and other fields.