Application Of Rolling Plastic Products

- Jan 03, 2018-

Roll plastic products in our lives in the application has been very extensive, roll plastic products everywhere.

1. Container-type rolling parts, such plastic parts are widely used in storage tanks, a variety of liquid chemical storage tanks (such as acid, alkali, salt, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc.), petrol containers, storage battery shell and so on.

2. Automotive rolling parts, mainly the application of polyethylene and PVC paste resin, rolled a variety of pipe fittings, such as air-conditioning elbow, backrest, handrails and so on.

3. Sports equipment and a variety of substitutes, mainly PVC paste rolled a variety of parts, such as water polo, floating ball, bicycle seat mat, boat and boat and dock between the buffer absorber and so on.

4. Toys, models, handicrafts, etc., because the rolling mold can be used precision casting, electroforming and other process manufacturing; the surface of the rolling parts of the mold cavity surface of the fine structure "copy" effect is very good, so the rolling molding method can make the product is quite exquisite and beautiful, it is often used to produce a more: large ornamental value products, especially toys, models, Crafts and so on.