Installing Molds to Rotational Molding Machine

- Oct 15, 2018-

Different types of rotational molding machines have different mold carrier structures. Circular cobweb and square frame are usually used. The mold carrier of the rock n roll machine is a structure similar to a concrete mixer. What we are going to say is the installation method of the rotomolding mold on a small general rotomolding machine. Proper installation of directly affects the quality of the rotomolded product. This is also an important part of the rotomolding process that cannot be ignored.

1.       Select proper molds on the same machine. On the same rotomolding machine, select the same type of mold if conditions permit. If you want to produce other products of different types at the same time, the molds should have similar sizes, weights and wall thickness to avoid the aging degradation or residual plastic powder, for the processing cycle required for different rotational molding molds is different.

2.       The spacing between each mold. How many molds should be installed on a mold carrier, this should be well calculated. And there should be enough spacing between the molds which is good for hot air circulating and also facilitates mold opening and closing.

3.       The balance of the mold carrier. It must be noted that if one side of the carrier is light and the other heavy, the rotation of the rotomolding machine will be affected, and the thickness of the product will be uneven. If it is serious, the rotomolding machine will be damaged.

4.       Pay attention to the diameter of the oven. The rotational diameter shoudl be calculated to make sure it does not larger than oven diameter.

5.       Fixing of mold. Tthe mold should be installed with consideration of the firmness, but also the speed of installation and disassembly.