Production process of rotomolding machine

- Mar 20, 2021-

Rotomolding machine is an indispensable machine in the current plastic production equipment in our country. The following Yingchuang Rotomolding Equipment will introduce you to the production process of the Rotomolding Machine, and I hope to bring you some help.

Before the rotomolding machine performs the rotomolding manufacturing process, some good quality molds need to be prepared and placed on the rotating arm of the rotomolding machine. This rotomolding machine is generally composed of a heating chamber and a rotating arm. Some It also has a cooling device such as water spray atomization or cooling fan. After proper placement, first put several molds on the machine. Then, put plastic resin powder in each mold, and then heat it while rotating from two angles of vertical and horizontal. The molten resin bonds the hot mold and the outer packaging evenly and tightly. After heating for a certain period of time, stop heating but continue to rotate to the ejection temperature, so that the mold continues to rotate in it until the thickness of each part is consistent. After reaching the ejection temperature, open the mold and take the product out of the cavity , And then add new resin, enter the next rotation.

Throughout the production process. The speed of mold rotation, heating and cooling time are all strictly and accurately controlled. The above content is the production process of the rotomolding machine. Our company has always followed the principle of quality and development, and strives to continuously improve the product quality of rotomolding machines.