The process of rolling plastic products

- Jan 02, 2018-

Roll plastic Products in the rolling manufacturing technology, prepare some of the outstanding quality of the mold, and then put it in the operation of the rolling mold machine on the workbench, the processing of rolling products machine is usually the heating room and the rotary arm collocation, and some also with cooling equipment such as water spray atomization or cooling fans. All molds are equipped with plastic resin powder, which is heated by rotating from the longitudinal and transverse different viewpoints.

The melted resin glues the hot mold to the surface. Wait until a certain moment, the end of heating can be rotated to the mold temperature, so that the mold in the continuous rotation until the thickness of any place is the same. After the mold temperature can be turned over, the product is removed from the mold cavity, then the new resin is taken, and the next spin is started. During the whole manufacturing process, the speed of mold transition, heating and cooling time are all through strict and accurate control.