Exhaust Method Of Plastic Machine

- Mar 04, 2021-

There are several ways to exhaust the rotomolding machine commonly used in the market:

Exhaust method of rotomolding machine

  1. First of all, when designing the rotomolding machine, take into account the use of the gap between mold parts for exhaust.

  2. Prevent the exhaust slot from facing the operator to avoid the melt spray from the exhaust slot and hurt people.

  3. In order to provide better exhaust, an exhaust groove is set on the parting surface.

  4. Use the exhaust plug to exhaust.

  5. In the gas retention area, the exhaust rod or the vacuum pump set on the inside of the plastic part can be used for forced exhaust.

With the development of my country’s chemical industry, my country’s rotomolding products continue to develop, and at the same time, my country’s rotomolding machines have achieved a rapid development time. Now for the production of this equipment, the design is more scientific and the use of Convenience and safety. At the beginning of the design of the new equipment, a lot of excellent designs have been added from the perspective of safety.