The Application Of Rotomolding Machines In Various Industries

- Mar 27, 2021-

It is suitable for the lubrication of various bearings, gears, chains and other transmission mechanical parts in high temperature environments; the rotomolding machine is suitable for metallurgy, mining, oil fields, machinery, transportation and other industries under high temperature, heavy load, humidity and other harsh conditions. Lubrication of bearings and gears; especially suitable for high-temperature bearings, such as: auxiliary boiler rotating nozzle bearings of large rotomolding machine factories, sleeve bearings of plastic extruders, high-temperature bearings of cracking furnace induced draft fans, regeneration gas compressors, etc. The lubrication of rolling bearings and sliding bearings of various machinery with higher speeds working at high temperatures, such as stretch stenters, hot melt fans, heat setting drying chambers, baking machines, and high temperature dyeing cylinders

Advantages of Shuttle Swing Rotomolding Machine

1. High productivity

2. The equipment occupies less area

3. Simple mold disassembly

4. Both ends of the heating room work at the same time

5. Man-machine interface operation

6. It is especially suitable for manufacturing products with special shapes and complex shapes.