The Development Status Of Domestic Rotomolding Machines

- Mar 13, 2021-

From the perspective of the use of domestic rotomolding equipment, most of the rotomolding machines used are swing type, shuttle type, tower type, and fewer other models; the same is true for domestically manufactured rotomolding machine models; domestic rotomolding factories are There are not many rotomolding machines owned by the family, and there are more manufacturers with one or two. On the whole, the development level of my country's rotomolding industry has a certain gap compared with developed countries, but there have been developing rotomolding machine manufacturing, rotomolding mold manufacturing factories, etc., and domestic rotomolding special materials have also been successfully developed. The variety of rolled plastics is also increasing.

In China, the two-arm shuttle hot box heating rotomolding machine was developed in the early stage and put it into use and commercial. For polyethylene plastic rolls, because the (heating) time is roughly equal to time, the two-arm heating furnace basically does not stop. The high production efficiency of the equipment has been reached, that is, the efficiency is almost no longer improved when there are more than 2 arms, such as 3 arms and 4 arms; since the movement of the arms is simultaneous or separate movement, the movements of the arms interfere with each other, so the 3 arms and 4 arms Rotomolding machines cannot achieve one-button automatic control, but can only be semi-automatic. For rotomolding equipment with the same rotating diameter, the more arms, the higher the equipment manufacturing cost, and the higher the production cost during the production of plastic parts. Therefore, our factory recommends the use of 2-arm shuttle type one-key automatic rotomolding machine for polyethylene rotomolding.

The development of the rotomolding industry in my country is inseparable from the continuous development of new rotomolding products, the continuous expansion of the application field of rotomolding products, and the continuous improvement of rotomolding machine manufacturing technology and related technologies. In recent years, the rapid development of the rotomolding industry has attracted more and more attention from foreign countries to rotomolding in our country, and there are more and more international exchanges. China's rotomolding industry association will also vigorously accelerate the development of all aspects of my country's rotomolding industry in the future. Of course, everyone needs to work together. my country's rotomolding industry should have a good prospect.