What To Pay Attention To When Making Rotomolding Molds

- Mar 20, 2021-

Rotomolding mold is a machine commonly used in plastic production. In order to make a better rotomolding mold, there are some points that need to be paid attention to during the production process. The following is an introduction to the precautions for making rotomolding molds.

1. Selection of parting surface: Choose a place that does not affect the surface quality of the rotomolding product, and its structure is suitable for matching concave and convex, which can not only ensure the matching accuracy, but also prevent the deformation of the mold and the phenomenon of material leakage on the parting surface. .

2.The choice of rounded corners: The corners of the mold should be designed such that the outer rounded corners and the inner rounded corners have a multiple relationship, which is convenient for the raw materials to attach to the mold, which is conducive to the formation of the product, and will not cause voids at the corners or sharp corners.

3. Mold angle: Rotomolded products have a certain degree of plasticity at high temperatures, so the mold angle can be relatively small, and even small-sized barbs can be ejected from the mold, but if it is a large area or a deep barb Then the part must be made into a side opening structure.

4. The choice of wall thickness of rotomolding mold: too thick will cause poor heat conduction and heat dissipation, waste energy and affect production efficiency, too thin will make the mold weak and easy to damage. At the same time, uneven wall thickness of the mold will also cause rotomolding products The wall thickness is not uniform, so the wall thickness of the abrasive should be controlled.